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Tropicsurf 007

Tropicsurf 007

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    007 Style

    For an ultimate, lavish experience in the Maldives, a private surf charter of 007 is the coolest way to surf and explore the outer atolls of this pristine archipelago.With an attentive crew dedicated to your every desire, expert Tropicsurf guides to uncover the secrets to your best surfing potential, and a cruising speed of over 30 knots, you’ll experience a freedom and exhilaration like never before.


    I got the longest ride of my life. My Coach Adam at Tropicsurf Noosa was great, his skill and knowledge really came through and I understood what he was teaching me, with a few simple techniques i have greatly improved my understanding of surfing and cant wait to get back in the water.
    Alex Ramsay | Read more surfer experiences

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