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Luxury Surfing with Tropicsurf at Four Seasons Costa Rica

Four Seasons Costa Rica

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    Four Seasons Resort at Papagayo Peninsula Costa Rica

    Nestled on a Pacific coast hillside and overlooking golden sand beaches, Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo is the consummate destination for eco-adventurers and beach bums. The property captures the character of Costa Rica, with comfortable rattan and bamboo furnishings, local artwork and indigenous style finishes. This is the closest resort to the renowned waves of Witches Rock and Ollies Point. Surfers and SUP-ers of all abilities enjoy access to a broad variety of surfaris and Tropicsurf coaching. Our boat journeys into picturesque Santa Rosa National Park are a highlight.

    "Thanks for treating Kirk and I to five-star hospitality...thank you for such a magical experience. It was a wonderful event and the memories will last a life time."
    Layne Beachley (Seven times world champion) with husband Kirk Pengilly (Musician INXS). | Read more surfer experiences

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