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Maldives Surf Barrels

Time stands still...

Tube Experience

Getting barreled is the ultimate rush. While pros make it look deceptively easy, it’s not. Would you like to get more barrels in your life? Or even just make one really good one? Of course you would. So Tropicsurf has designed our ‘Tube Trip’ concept with one very simple goal - to get YOU barreled. To achieve this, we take you to particular waves with barrel potential, during prime time windows,  then coach you using video and photo analysis and a step-by-step methodology that promises to reveal the secrets to getting you in and out more often. The saying goes that time stands still in the green room. It’s true – and the vivid memories you can replay over and over in your mind from the best barrel of your life are something that you can cherish for the rest of your life!