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Pulse Experience

“… it’s those incredible experiences I will never forget…” Tom Carroll.

As Tom Carroll recalls the intense emotions he experienced surfing Pipe, it reminds us never to estimate the value of memories. Pulse is for surfers who cherish epic memories. Are you able to travel at short notice? Would you like to be ‘on the pulse’ and score guaranteed pumping surf? Or save yourself thousands of dollars with a last minute bargain?

If you are too busy for a long holiday, but can drop things at short notice when we know for sure the surf is going to be great, then Tropicsurf can pull together a last minute boat trip, or connect you with one of our resort guides and perfect surf.

These short-notice trips have previously produced phenomenal surf for clients. Words cannot describe the thrill. However Pulse is not for everybody. You need to be able to drop everything and go. Pulse emails will go to our database. Be ready.