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Best Luxury Surfing Vacations by Tropicsurf

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High End Accommodation

Luxury surfing by definition must offer quality assurance in location, rooms, dining and service. Our commercial challenge is that surfers use varying definitions. For some, luxury is a room with a/c and flushing toilet. However being the market leader, Tropicsurf has established a brand providing luxury accommodations in the true sense of the word. We use travel industry guidelines for simplicity. Our locations are mostly five-star. Some are six. A few are four. Occasionally we use ‘best available.’ But this would only happen where we feel the opportunity for a unique and authentic experience should not be forfeited. So rest easy. Tropicsurf has searched the planet to present you with the world’s leading collection of upmarket surfing holidays. These are trips we’re proud to tag our brand to... premier holidays for the discerning surfer - and your loved ones too.