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Tropicsurf Understands Families


As a family, it’s not easy to find ‘fun’ or ‘rad’ activities that mum and dad can enjoy with the kids TOGETHER. Yet surfing is one. What better way to share a family holiday than a week of surfing together? Plus it’s like… really cool dad.

Tropicsurf’s expertise in instruction allows us to tailor your trip around the varying abilities in your family. We also cater for the  beginners, mums .. everybody in fact.

Surfing is a terrific, physical outlet for children and it’s a chance to take a Facebook break and delve into a world of natural wonders and cultural diversity. Sometimes it’s also good to see how the other half live too. The trip doesn’t have to be all surf either. Experiencing some of these authentic and meaningful diversions along the way will reveal to your kids new dimensions that may increase their empathy and understanding of others. This alone can help to lay the groundwork for healthier, more meaningful choices ahead.
Our guides thoroughly enjoy working with kids. Hey ... surfing brings out the child in all of us right? Inspiring role models, they can also keep them active while you enjoy a little r&r time to yourself.

So relax and let Tropicsurf take care of all the logistical headaches while you focus on a family vacation filled with fun, discovery and special times you'll remember forever.