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Surf Investment



Tropicsurf is proud to introduce you to luxury ownership options perfectly tailored to your surfing lifestyle. Opportunities exists to invest uniquely in the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed about. Recent turbulence of global markets presents good opportunities for savvy investors. Tropicsurf can connect you with opportunities to partner in the ownership of one-of-a-kind, beach-front destinations. Portfolios typically consist of wholly-owned, investment properties in emerging markets. The properties will be spectacular. Most with quality surf. All have serious potential for capital growth. Investors may enjoy ownership potentially spanning locations from Brazil to Byron Bay and own the underlying freehold assets and equity in the upside. The first purchase was at Nihiwatu with the luxury villa being due for completion in late 2011. Properties are fully managed for peace of mind. This is a world first for the discerning surf traveller. A legacy investment like no other.