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4-star – Tropicsurf classification representing quality, cleanliness, comfort, style, quality bathroom/bath products, personalized service, thoughtful designs, quality constructions, sophisticated dining.

5-star – Tropicsurf classification representing luxury appointments, superlative service, highest standards of comfort, originality in architecture/interiors, high-grade construction/décor, high staff-to-guest ratio, gourmet dining, premium bedding, luxury bath products, onsite spa (normally) and special touches.

6-star – Tropicsurf classification representing exceptional. A step above 5-star, mostly thanks to expansive rooming, personal butler service and bespoke dining.

Best Available - Sometimes we believe a unique experience should not be forfeited for lack of luxury accommodation. In these cases, we offer the best accommodation in the area and keep the emphasis on the amazing, authentic experience - which then in itself becomes the luxury.


Personal Guide – Qualified Tropicsurf guide on location with you. This is the ultimate way to surf the best waves.

Virtual Guide – Ross and Diane’s written, electronic trip guide. Contains critical information including maps, surf descriptions, hazards, activities for your wife and family, tips and email support. For trips where we don’t have a guide on location and you want to D.I.Y.

Local Guide – Local surf guide who is not Tropicsurf qualified.

Year Round – A Tropicsurf guide is permanently on location.


Seasonal - A Tropicsurf guide is on location part of the year.


Calendar Trips – Set departure dates that anybody can join.

Privates – We design a special trip just for you and your party. Choose your dates.

Level 1-10 – Tropicsurf’s internal surf ability grading system. Allows you to choose the right trip. Also the foundation of our coaching skill progression.

Small – Expect waves approximately waist to chest high

Medium – Expect waves approximately chest to overhead

Open – Expect to seek the biggest, best waves available