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Ross Phillips

Founder & Director

Ross Phillips

Ross Phillips is the founder and director of Tropicsurf. Tropicsurf is his art. He’s  a master instructor from Noosa Heads, Australia and loves nothing more than sharing his knowledge and passion with guests. Ross has dedicated his last 25 years to researching, refining and systematizing the art of luxury surfing and coaching… as well as an obsession with chasing un-crowded surf for guests. Ross is an innovator, author, video producer, blogger and leader of an elite team of TS guides. Ross's range of online tuition has helped surfer's around the world to learn and improve. Ross classifies himself as a try-hard surfer. However from time to time, he has been known to hold his own.

Ross is the author of www.ross-phillips-surfs.com ; an online blog covering the latest happennings, trends, tips and tools in the world of surfing. Click here to browse the articles or to subscribe.