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Surf Trip Value for Money

What's it worth

The Concept of Value

Tropicsurf trips are not the cheapest on the market and therefore are not for everybody. This is because we fastidiously aim to add value and improvements at every step of your journey. We are not trying to compete in the realms of the average surfing holiday. Rather we are obsessed with delivering the world’s best surfing holidays and experiences. And that means not cutting corners.

Potential buyers may question our pricing. However once they’ve experienced a trip, they understand what they paid for. Only then do they come to fully understand our points of difference and the benefit of certain inclusions we make.

When considering booking your hard-earned holiday with us, it’s important that you can make an informed decision. Comparing surf trips is not always comparing apples with apples.

For more information on specific trip value break downs, please contact our sales executive and be informed.