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Personal or virtual?

Tropicsurf Guiding

Personal Guiding - These groovers listed below are the best in the business. Seriously – they will likely become the nexus between you, your accommodation provider and an amazing surfing holiday. Their motto is – it's all about you! Experts with local surf conditions, safety and rescue and customer service, they are also technique coaches with an eye for improvement. Just one of their well-placed tips could see you ride the best wave of your life.

Tropicsurf guiding is your secret to maximising your time, enjoyment and value. You'll be certain to get better waves too and better value for money.

There are over 40 Tropicsurf guides stationed around the world. We'll profile a few below. Contact us to be introduced to your resort or charter Tropicsurf guide.  


Adam Webster - A.K.A. Adman (the wise one)

Eighteen years of permanent dedication to surfing and snowboarding the globe is what Adman represents. Clocking up 17 full snow seasons as a highly-ranked, international snowboard instructor and over 120 Maldives boat trips as a Tropicsurf Guide, he has honed an insight into rider improvement that is second to none. Adam's eye for biomechanical analysis of a surfer's movement patterns is outstanding. Hundreds of TS guests now credit their rapid improvement thanks to Adman. This is a guy with a witty sense of humour who coined our service motto "it's all about you". Everybody loves the Adman and his ability to ensure that guests of all abilities and backgrounds receive intuitive and impeccable service with a good dose of laughter laong the way. Find Adman at: Four Seasons Explorer, Andaman Islands



Tim Mitchell - tube maestro

A former Sunshine Coast surfing champion, Tim Mitchell's competitive surfing records do not do his freakish talent justice. Better known for his smooth Curren-esque style and his phenomenal tube riding ability, Tim is one of the most eye-pleasing surfers you'll ever witness. When it's big and hollow, nobody takes off deeper than Timmy. He is simply a pleasure to watch. However after a number of seasons in the Maldives, Tim suffered a nasty surfing accident that resulted in loss of sight to one eye. Tim still surfs better than anyone we know, and works full time running our learn to surf coaching in Noosa where he lives with wife Lisa and kids Sunny and Olivia. He ventures overseas for occasional TS charters and is the driver behind our unique tube coaching trips. If you've ever wanted to learn to ride the tube better, a Tropicsurf barrel clinic with Tim as your coach should be a life-changing holiday. Find Tim at: Maldives Boat trips, Noosa Australia



Chris Prewitt - senior grommet

A fun loving guy, with fourteen years coaching with us and over 80 Maldives boat trips under his belt, Chris is a champion surfer, globally experienced guide and senior coach in any kind of surf conditions - big or small. Guest feedback is always second to none. Always. If you are lucky enough to learn how to improve your surfing with this man, you will surely be stoked at the improvement you'll make. Find Chris at: Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Four Seasons Costa Rica, Mukul Nicargua, Four Seasons Punta Mita and various VIP bespoke destinations.

Chris Prewitt


Jacob Stuth - always stoked

Jacob Stuth is widely credited with the resurgence of finless surfing. Famously traversing across an open shoulder faster than anyone could have imagined for an Ancient Hawaiian alaia replica one late March afternoon in 2005 he has since featured in countless surfing movies and documentaries. Jake is a true waterman who is stoked 100% of the time. The perfect vacation vibe. Find Jacob at: Four Seasons Seychelles, Noosa Australia.

Jacob Stuth Tropicsurf


Ross Phillips - the Big Kahuna

Tropicsurf's Founder and CEO. Ross has an extensive background in surf coaching and has dedicated the better part of his 23 year career to systematizing his industry leading coaching techniques for the benefit of guests. Ross's posseses a Diploma of Teaching and Graduate Diploma in Outdoor Education. He is passionate about surfing and helping others maximize enjoyment through technique, confidence and education. Ross and wife of twenty years Diane reside in Noosa, but travel the globe with a phone and laptop, running the business and a handful of trips with VIP customers. Ross has pioneered the 'art of luxury surfing' and is passionate about making a meaningful difference through our 'onepercentforthepeople'work. Find Ross at: Discovering the next secret remote surfing location

Ross Phillips


Mohamed Naveez - future Maldivian President

Naveez (or 'Navi' as most guests refer to him using his Maldivian nick-name) started as an apprentice surfing guide at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. After two years there, and multiple boat seasons under his belt means Navi has progressed through the TS ranks. He travelled to Australia to become a qualified instructor and has taught many guests, particularly during his period managing the TS operation at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa. Navi's skills as a surf photographer have also matured such that many of his recent images are simply outstanding. Find Navi at: Amanwella Sri Lanka, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Four Seasons Explorer.



Donalee Halkett - queen of SUP

Donalee operates Tropicsurf Noosa Stand Up Paddle amidst the beautiful river system and peeling waves of Noosa Heads, Australia. Her passion for health and wellness is palpable. Donalee (or Doz) is a mother of four adult children and author of a Snack It Out - a book on healthy eating for children. She is an inspiration to her clients, many of whom are a loyal group of local ladies for whom paddling has become a beneficial path to fitness, health and happiness. Donalee also leads annual SUP sojourns to exotic locations such as The Maldives. Find Donalee at: Noosa Australia, Four Seasons Explorer



Kym Everett - apparently owns a gym

Starting his surfing life on the classic points of the Gold Coast in the 70's before moving north to Noosa in the 80's has honed a smooth goofy-foot style. A former state representative, Kym has travelled extensively chasing the perfect wave. Five years as a professional lifeguard further enhanced his waterman skills in many treacherous situations. He later completed his divemaster course on Queensland's world famous Heron Island. A career change saw him working in the health and fitness industry in Melbourne and Noosa, both as a master trainer and gym manager. Now with Tropicsurf Kym is excited about sharing his experience with other surfers. "It's a huge thrill helping people get the wave of their life, especially if it's their first!" Find Kym at: Anantara Maldives



Keith Hamlyn - in front and behind the lens

Keith is a classic guy. A longtime guide he appreciates every facet of nature. Keith's also pretty handy behind the camera when he's not in the water himself. Just ask him about his Blue Steel photo reel, he's not one to take things too seriously, instead focused on keeping a smile on everyone's face. Say cheese Keith! Find him at: Four Seasons Seychelles, Four Seasons Kuda Huraa

Keith Tropicsurf


Sam Crooke - international man of mystery

Sammy has been coaching in Australia and overseas for over 13 years chasing the perpetual Summer around the globe. Ask him why and he'll blow your mind with stories of meeting amazing people from all corners of the planet who have come together to form a close knit surfing community. Throughout his illustrious career Sammy has been the go-to-man for longboarders, shortboarders, bodyboarders, wakeboarders and waterskiing fanatics. And, when he's not in the water with Tropicsurf clients Sammy is quick to walk the walk and surf off the beaten track in places such as Mexico, Norway, Hawaii, Indo, Tonga and all through the Caribbean. There's nothing better than travelling to new locations and being rewarded with great waves, new friends, and unforgettable experiences. Sammy Crooke is living proof. Find Sammy at: Four Seasons Kuda Huraa, Four Seasons Costa Rica, Four Seasons Seychelles, Qamea Fiji

Sammy Crooke


Adi Wilson - just call him Uncle Adi

Adi Wilson is one of our most senior coaches. Our former Noosa manager and veteran of many Maldives tours, Adi's dry sense of humour, friendly and patient nature, and expertise in coaching make him a favourite. Consequently the Kiwi from Down Under is high on our repeat request list. In fact many customers refuse to book a trip unless 'Uncle Adi' will be onboard with them. Adi resides in Noosa, Australia with his wife, two daughters and 'the boys' (their dogs). You will make a great friend and improve your surfing if you are fortunate enough to have Adi as your guide. Find Adi at: Noosa Australia.

Adi - Tropicsurf


Matt Lindsay - industy guru 


Originally a school teacher Matt found himself gravitating to afternoon surf coaching sessions with the kids moreso than algebra lesson plans. He simply couldn't shake his passion for surf coaching and quickly forged a career as a leading surf coach in the US and Australia. Managing an elite fleet of World Tour surfers Matt soon became tight with the industry and is now an accredited World Tour Judge, TV presenter and commentator for the ASP tour. But above all Matt's a Tropicsurf guru who loves meeting new people and sharing the stoke. Just don't test him on his algebra! Find Matt at: Four Seasons Kuda Huraa 




Alex Wilkinson - token Englishman


Alex Wilkinson has been sharing his passion for surfing for the past 9 years as a surf coach/guide in the United Kingdom, Canary Islands, and Portugal. He holds the highest coaching qualification as a BSA Level 4 Surf Coach giving him the ability to instruct at international competition level. Alex's love of surfing started in Cornwall when he was aged 11 and became such a powerful force in his life that only a few years later he started winning national competitions. Alex's enthusiasm for surfing took him all over the world including Hawaii, Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, USA, and Europe where is favourite wave is Lobos named after the uninhabited island off the coast of Fuerteventura. He holds a National Certificate in Surfing Studies from Falmouth Marine College, is a trained surfboard shaper, and is also a qualified lifeguard and competitive judge. Alex's skill and expertise as a surf coach and as a competitive surfer makes him a fantastic addition to the Tropic Surf team. Find Alex at: Anantara Maldives